5 Useful B2B SaaS SEO Tips to Get More MQLs

Every B2B SaaS business runs into problems with scalability sooner or later. As you need more and more leads to grow, running display ads becomes unsustainable. Especially so in industries that see a lot of competition. The common practice for a modern B2B SaaS business is to start working on SEO as your PPC spending […]

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11 Best Use Cases & Upcoming Trends of IoT for Manufacturing

In this modern age, the manufacturing industry is all set to take advantage of digital technology, just like every other industry. Manufacturing firms are working on boosting their productivity by leveraging modern technologies, like blockchain software solutions, SaaS development, etc. One such innovative technology that has evolved over time is the internet of things or […]

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Drama, disruption and daring to look ahead

The recent potential for a rail strike in the US threatened a system integral to our supply chain. A disruption would have catastrophic impacts on industries, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers across the country. It would be yet another stressor on an already strained supply chain that, over the last 3 years, has faced disruptions from […]

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A modern cloud data platform is the foundation of all intelligent supply chains

In a world where disruptions and complications are inevitable, strong supply chains are more essential than ever before. As highlighted in the new thought leadership paper “Building intelligent, resilient and sustainable supply chains,” the necessary transformation improvements are not just a question of manufacturing, logistics or transportation. They’re fundamentally a question of timely and accurate […]

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4 trends that help organizations unlock the value of Salesforce

Over the past few years, organizations across the globe have been required to accelerate their technology investments to operate amid massive market disruptions. Companies that were already firmly rooted in digital and cloud technology endured challenges more effectively than their counterparts. The question is no longer whether to invest in these platforms — it’s how […]

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IT Outsourcing 2022 Overview & Trends

Outsourcing term has recently been discussed a lot by businesses and entrepreneurs. In general, outsourcing is engaging any third party, either local or international, organization or individual outside the company to manage some business activities for the business. According to the grand view research, the global IT outsourcing market size was estimated at USD 245.91 […]

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15 Market-Defining SaaS Trends for 2023-2025

Nowadays, companies use over 70% cloud-based programs to stay on top of activities such as sales, projects and organize their data or finances. These cloud-based services are called software-as-a-service or SaaS for short. Predictions suggest that 85% of corporate apps will be SaaS-based by 2025. These predictions are directly affected by the market development of […]

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Mitigating demand volatility to improve forecasting: an intelligent workflow from IBM and SAP

Organizations are continuing to emerge from the lingering effects of the pandemic and ongoing supply chain disruptions. They are focused on reviving their strained supply chains and trying to understand their vulnerabilities and risk areas. What most are finding is that volatility remains in full force and continues to have detrimental impacts on planning and […]

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In times of stagflation, calculated growth is key to success

As inflation dominates public discussion, many senior executives are preparing for an economic downturn with margin compression rates that have not been seen in over 40 years. Barron’s reports a falling profit margin in industrials, with CAT expected to fall to 13.4% from 15.3% and Deere & Co to decline to 20.9% from 22.2%. Year-on-year […]

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What are Story Points in Agile & How to Use Them

Agile story points-based estimation is a viable alternative to time-based estimation. Agile has already established itself as a dominance methodology for software development. Over 91% of IT organizations look at Agile methodologies as a strategic priority. Also, over 66% of companies started using Scrum as a tool to manage projects.  Agile is a great tool […]

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