internet marketer indonesia nufatech The basic goal of a business is to earn more than the costs incurred, be it to meet the needs of life, increase income, or for a business to run well so that the people in it can have their needs met. For an entrepreneur, a good business is certainly a business with increased income, far above the costs incurred both in terms of operational costs, variable costs, and unexpected costs, this can be obtained by implementing the right business strategy.

The business strategy itself can be divided into offline business strategies, and online business strategies. Each strategy has its own way and value in its implementation. But in today’s digital internet era, maybe we can call it the Social Economic Era, online business strategies can be used as front marketing in seizing market opportunities.

The scope of the Online Business Strategy is directly related to Online Marketing, namely the marketing strategy of products or services through internet media, be it seo services, google adwords, social media or other advertising media. Internet marketing has become a way to increase sales and income in the modern marketing era by using websites, social media, online marketing.

6 reasons why online marketing is needed in business:

1.Creating Interaction with Customers
By using internet marketing either through the web or social media, you can build your own community to provide the latest information about the latest products, prices, discounts. It aims to create targeted pairs of opportunities and customer loyalty. In addition, it becomes a medium for research and product development tools that your market likes or doesn’t like.

2.Create greater opportunities than competitors
The internet world is very wide, both domestically and abroad, various media places and ways to market products / services are available on internet marketing. Most companies use a combination of website seo, social media, blogs, online advertising, why does this create greater opportunities to reach the market? because almost all online marketing techniques provide direct marketing effects to customers, which means that there are almost no obstacles in reaching the market in accordance with the intended target market by sending messages directly.

3.Get the target market
Online marketing techniques focus on forming and gathering active buyers in a medium, where buyers are people who are selected based on the core of the business you are running.

Branding is very important! A business that does online marketing, for example by means of SEO by positioning your business brand higher among similar competitors on search engines (google, yahoo, bing, ask, etc.) has a professional impact on customers, and of course this will create MUCH opportunities. greater reach of new targeted markets when compared to your competitors who are on page 2 search engines (search engines google, yahoo, etc.)

5.Your competitors are already doing online marketing
Is it too late to use an online marketing strategy? SAY NO 😀 , competition is good for a business can be a motivator and a place of learning. It’s just that you have to be able to learn and improve on the weaknesses of the business itself and take more value than what your competitors offer, to create a better online marketing strategy.

6.An investment that yields many times more than what you spend
With proper research, development and implementation, a business strategy with online marketing will provide significant results for a company, this is because online marketing builds a basic foundation for an online business that will continue to grow if it is maintained.

So what should you do now after reading the reasons why a business needs online marketing? Internet marketing is not a difficult thing to learn both in terms of SEO, email marketing, social media, and other online advertising media, but it needs consistency and continuity in studying it so that it can be your reference material in understanding the effects of internet marketing for both novice businessmen and companies big.

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