The following will briefly explain the difference between CCTV and IP CAM:

CCTV stands for: Close Circuit Television is a system consisting of a surveillance camera or surveillance camera that is connected to a recording device that functions to monitor / spy in an area / room at a certain location.

IP Camera or sometimes called Network Camera is a camera that is used in networks based on TCP or IP (Internet Protocol).

The difference in age between the two:

  1. CCTV cameras are known as analog cameras, while IP cameras are known as digital cameras.
  2. IP cameras have an embedded IP address, can function like a computer in a LAN network, while CCTV cameras do not.
  3. CCTV cameras for cable connections use Coaxial cables, while IP cameras for cable connections use UTP or STP cables
  4. CCTV cameras use a DVR (Digital Video Recording) recording device, while IP cameras use an NVR (Network Video Recording) recording device for IP Cameras, recording devices can use a PC (Computer), only by installing the appropriate recording software.

In terms of price, IP cameras are more expensive when compared to CCTV because of the technology they use.

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