What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or in Indonesian search engine optimization is a way of optimizing a blog / site to get the highest ranking position or the main page of a search engine with certain keywords.

What is the use of SEO?

1.Capture visitors (traffic) that is targeted as your website’s market market.
2.With the keywords you are targeting, the more visitors will come to your website.
3.Business strategy to increase sales and develop your product.
4.A page with good SEO, will be easier to read by search engines.
5.The opportunity to get a bigger customer by using good SEO.

How long does it take to develop good SEO?

Building SEO for a website is not something that can be done quickly, it requires consistency from the SEO maker to create a quality SEO website. If you use 3-4 word keywords for your site’s keywords, it will be indexed faster by search engines than keywords that use 2 keywords. To find the right keywords, you can use websites that provide keyword searches such as Google trends and Ubersuggest.

The first steps to build a good SEO:

Using a website with a design that is friendly to search engines, so that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo are easy to find your website. Determine the navigation (menu) in accordance with your website, thus increasing the ease of search engines, looking for the keywords you are aiming for. The procedure for writing the title of the article, the content of the material, the description and the keywords used from the website are the keys for optimal Seo. The more optimal the seo on the website, the higher the ranking you get to be on page one of the search engines, the greater your chances of making a profit. These things are the first step to building good SEO.

Is SEO can be done by anyone?

With a little simple learning of course you can do it, is the seo that you make optimal? the answer is to what extent you want to learn Seo, starting from choosing the right web design, implementing website seo optimization, seo techniques and so on. Therefore Seo Services are very necessary for them to carry out online business strategies, especially those engaged in online business.

Hopefully this article will help you understand the meaning of “What is Seo”?

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