Opportunity to create an online shop business

How to make an online store business is one solution to get additional income beyond your monthly income, it can even be your main source of income. It should be noted that the nature of Indonesian people tends to be consumptive because this online business opportunity is still very wide open, don’t be afraid to compete with competitors and use this motivation to develop creative ideas for marketing products in the internet world.

Why do so many people start an online store business?

First, to meet the necessities of life; second, developing existing businesses; third, realizing the magnitude of the business opportunity by opening an online shop that can be achieved; fourth, seek additional income; Fifth, business that can be done at home, at the office (but don’t let it interfere with work, hehehe…), on the street (keep watching the way 🙂 ) or anywhere.

How to create an online shop business:

  1. Find Suppliers: Clarity of suppliers and product stock, suppliers are not the only one to compare prices and quality.
  2. Product: Knowing the product being sold, “don’t know it, don’t love it”.
  3. Get to know internet marketing media for marketing: online store websites, SEO, social media (facebook, twitter, chat applications), online classifieds ads, blackberries, forums, e-mail and others.
  4. The main capital to open an online store: Intention, effort, prayer is no less important to have an internet connection -_-
  5. Internet marketing support tools: A set of communication tools (mobile phones and credits, landlines, computers, faxes).
  6. Recording: Every expenditure and entry of goods and money is properly recorded.
  7. Delivery service: Learn about the delivery service process such as JNE / TIKI / POS.
  8. Maintain trust, quality and service.

Next, we will discuss how to create an online store website, hopefully the article above is sufficient to provide an overview for those of you who want to create an online store business.

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