How to increase website visitors | What’s wrong with my website? why my website visitors little or no at all in one day? maybe that’s what you have in mind, especially those engaged in online business, even though the website is ok, the appearance is also satisfactory, in terms of the ease of the website there is no problem at all, but it is not enough. It has been discussed a lot by website masters on Google about “how to increase website visitors”, my friend may be able to search with these keywords. I try to summarize the main points of how to increase visitors / traffic on your website, especially on WordPress.

Things to consider in how to increase website visitors:

  1. Selection of a google friendly website themeplate with fast website design and loading.
  2. Basic settings for your website, users, general, reading, permalink.
  3. The structure of the website, categories, pages, posts, tags, links.
  4. The structure of the website writing so that there is no duplicate content / material.
  5. Provide unique, interesting and informative articles to your visitors.
  6. Use social media to increase links to your site.
  7. Optimize the content of your website / site / blog or material with backlinks, internal or external.
  8. Optimize your website by applying keywords that match your article.
  9. In the image content, don’t forget the alt tag and file name of the image you are targeting.
  10. Website optimization with on page seo such as putting title tags, URLs, and meta descriptions and also optimizing off page seo.
  11. Paid advertising that you can do on Google, Facebook or others.
  12. Digital marketing, this is a combination of social media promotion, the application of seo optimization on the website and advertising.

Equally important is to remember that your visitors are people who are looking for something useful for themselves and make them interested in what they read in your articles, by not forgetting a professional website design, easy navigation to get to the pages they want.

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Hopefully this article is useful for you, at least knowing what you need to pay attention to in how to increase website visitors.

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