Services for making a structured, easily accessible company profile website, good website design, optimal SEO, stable, innovative, creative hosting, and clear and simple product delivery are the strengths of a company profile website. The main basic concept must be formed first, namely the introduction of the needs of the website. The convenience for website administrators in updating website content or material needs to be considered. If you are new to creating a website, we will illustrate what is needed in a company profile website creation service.

The steps for creating a company profile website are:

  1. Introduction of website needs tailored to the field of business.
  2. Basic website concept and website material.
  3. Choosing a domain name: your business name, for example: or using keywords according to your line of business, for example: www. jasapembuatanwebsite .com .net or the like.
  4. Choose your stable web hosting.
  5. Making themes from websites: to design websites, you can use an existing CMS (Content Management System) such as wordpress, joomla, drupal, magento or create a website with your own scripting with tools such as dreamweaver or the like.
  6. Determine what features and facilities are in it: company profile, gallery, event, product, contact form, browser, contact page, advertising, promotion, social media, file download (pdf, excel, word, etc) , print file, register and member logins, forums or blogs, and much more, if your company profile website really wants to display a professional and reliable image for new clients or potential customers.
  7. Selection of scripts, plugins or modules that do not burden the company profile website.
  8. Structural correct SEO writing and how to optimize the website to attract new clients. (What is Seo?)
  9. Advertising, especially for a newly formed company, the main purpose is to introduce a business, form a business or product image, create direct communication between customers and the company and of course increase sales and revenue.

Hopefully this article is useful for you in creating a website for a good company profile, not just having a website with an attractive design but as self and company identity, customer relationship and support care, branding product image, and increasing sales and income. “Steps to Create a Company Profile Website”

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