Are you an entrepreneur or a businessman who has a business in Jakarta? How do you assess market conditions, prospects and market opportunities for your future business in Jakarta? One of them you can use the tools provided by Google, namely Google Trends. Especially for entrepreneurs who want or are engaged in the internet, these tools will be very useful in increasing your online business opportunities from the digital marketing side.

Other Google tools that are equally important are the webmaster tools, and the keyword planner. The three tools above are basic tools to increase online sales. Connect your business website by registering in the web master tool and then connect it with google analytics, this serves as summary data and detailed information on website development and for future business planning.

Things you can do to increase online business sales is digital marketing such as: Seo, social media ads, adwords, video marketing, affiliate systems, referral systems. All internet marketing consultants use the online marketing tools mentioned above.

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Business Opportunity Analysis in Jakarta

How do seo consultants analyze 2015 business opportunities in Jakarta using google trends?, here’s an example of Nufatech using google trends to use in Seo Jakarta to see a fashion business opportunity in Jakarta:

If you want to create an online fashion business or want to increase sales of fashion products in Jakarta, of course there are several things you need to know, such as:

  1. How big is the business opportunity in Jakarta that you can achieve?
  2. how is the trend of fashion sales in Jakarta?
  3. how about planning (forecasting) for the next year?
  4. What goods are most in demand by residents in Jakarta?
  5. and much more.

Nufatech took 4 examples of fashion products, namely clothes, pants, shoes, and hats. From the results obtained, it turns out that the search for “clothes” by Jakarta residents is more dominant, which might mean that in general: Jakarta residents are more interested in “clothes” when compared to the other 3 types of fashion products.

Search data for the last 12 months (auto update)
Examples of clothing clothing keywords:

If you decide to increase your “clothing sales”, what types of clothes do you like or are most looking for?

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