Jersey Grade Ori – Of course, as football lovers, we want to have a jersey according to the club or country we like, but unfortunately the price of the original jersey is not friendly in our pockets 🙁 , so the choice is to buy JERSEY BALL with original quality but affordable prices, Of course, the choice fell on the JERSEY GRADE . In addition to the price of the jersey grade, it fits in the pocket, the quality of the material does not need to be doubted – Jersey Grade Ori

Tips for choosing a quality Grade Jersey Football Shirt:

  1. JERSEY GRADE is a Jersey that has SUPER details similar to the ORIGINAL Jersey. With a level of neatness above Grade AAA. Apparel embroidery such as Nike or Adidas and Club Embroidery Embroidery level of tidiness is almost the same as the Original Jersey.
  2. The packaging used for the JERSEY GRADE is POLYBAG which has the logo/symbol of apparel from jersey (such as ADIDAS & NIKE) on the front of the polybag, and on the back there is writing like Jersey ORIGINAL, while for Grade AAA the packing only uses plain plastic.
  3. The TAG on the GRADE Soccer T-shirt has a barcode that distinguishes it from GRADE AAA, even though the code listed is not exactly the same as the code on the ORIGINAL jersey.
  4. The material, pattern, and color of the soccer jersey on the JERSEY GRADE is more like the ORIGINAL jersey. The material used is 100% high quality POLYSTER (Adidas) Dry Fit (Nike), brighter and neater than GRADE AAA. The quality of GRADE materials is much better than GRADE AAA.
  5. When compared from the photos, the difference is not very visible, but if you have used it, you will feel a difference in the comfort and quality of the GRADE Jersey over Grade AAA.

The price of Jersey Grade also varies from 50 thousand !!! Cheap and quality jersey, original grade jersey

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