Some of the SEO mistakes that search engine users make in operating website Seo when determining what is effective and what is not in the Modern SEO Era.

Before the change in modern SEO optimization methods nowadays, search engines have submission forms which are part of the website optimization process, the process of reaching page 1 of Google is carried out by webmasters and site owners by tagging their sites and pages containing information about keywords and then just submit them to search engine tools, and after they submit the indexing process immediately occurs.

However, over time, the seo optimization method and the seo technique did not run smoothly, because Google with its algorithm is always evolving to find the most relevant search results with search keywords. A rationale for writing articles that contain keywords is to put your position as a customer. and make sure you don’t do excessive repetitive keyword writing or commonly called Keyword Stuffing.

SEO Error on Meta Tags

Meta tags, especially meta keyword tags, are very influential in website seo optimization… but that was before. Simple seo mistakes when using meta keywords are to make articles / products on website pages not properly described and excessive use of meta tags to produce duplicate content, which search engines, especially Google, don’t like.

One way to deal with duplicate content is to enable canonical URLs. If the wordpress seo plugins such as All in one seo pack and WordPress Seo ( Yoast ), there is a function to activate canonical URLs. To download the free version of the seo plugin, you can go directly to the wordpress dashboard – add new plugin.

However, seo is not just a meta tag, content quality is prioritized with accurate relevance, to get search engine ranking calculations. SEO errors on the website can be seen in the webmaster tool, of course before your website must be linked first to these tools.

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