On this occasion, I will explore about the characteristics of computers affected by viruses. the name “Virus” is already familiar to our ears. Every time we hear the name “virus” our thoughts are always negative. usually, the name is also a virus. nothing is positive. All viruses must have negative activities. For example, it’s rich to damage a computer system, even from a system that is damaged by the virus, it can cause damage to our hardware. naahhh, if we don’t want to damage our system and our hardware is damaged, of course we must first know what the characteristics of the computer affected by the virus are like. so that we can prevent, treat, remove viruses from our computers. just go to the scene. let’s check..

Usually, computers affected by the virus experience the following symptoms:

  1. the computer is so slow.
  2. the computer hangs frequently. if the slang is stupid.
  3. sometimes the work of ram or processor is very large (can be up to 70% – 90%). even though we don’t run many programs.
  4. many folders that become shortcuts.
  5. sometimes the folder becomes chinese writing.
  6. folders cannot be deleted.
  7. error message often appears.

If you experience any of the above symptoms. immediately scan with an updated antivirus. with a full scan, it is possible that our computer is 100% safe. “NO SYSTEM IS 100% SAFE”. maybe that’s all I can share. hopefully it can be useful and used as well as possible.

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