Tips for Buying a Computer according to your needs

  1. Determine your budget
    First determine how much money you want to provide to buy a computer. When you get to a computer store, stick to your cash count. Don’t be tempted to buy a more expensive computer, unless you’ve thought it through.
  2. Determine Computer Specifications
    Determine the computer specifications you need. Not what you want. Searching on mbah google. What you should pay attention to are: processor, RAM, VGA, Hard Drive / Harddisk.

Here are tips for choosing these components:

a. Processor:
The higher the frequency of the processor, the better its capabilities.
The more cores (brains), the better the ability. Example: Intel Core i5 is better than Intel Core i3.

b. RAM:
The greater the memory capacity, the better the ability.
The higher the DDR level (DDR1, DDR2, DDR3), the better.

c. Hard drives / Hard disks:
The bigger the capacity, the better, the more data you can store later.

d. Video Card, rules:
The higher the memory, the better.
The higher the DDR level (DDR1, DDR2, DDR3), the better.
Ask the version of the pixel shader that the video card has. The higher the version, the better.

  1. Ask for Other Device Information
    Ask everything about any other hardware included in the sales package. Monitor, mouse, keyboard, ports / connectivity / plugs (usb, bluetooth, memory card, vga, LAN, audio, etc.). Think about which facilities you really need.
  2. Ask other people about the computer you want to buy and make sure there is a warranty
    Read or ask people’s opinions about the brand of computer you want to buy. Lots of good or bad reviews? You don’t want to buy a computer that is labeled bad by many people?

Make sure there is a warranty. This is very important. If at any time the computer has a problem, you will get a replacement.

Those are the tips for buying a computer. I hope with these tips you get a clearer picture of what computer you should buy. Or maybe you have other tips for buying a computer? If yes, please provide your opinion so that I and other Kompinia readers can gain new knowledge.

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