Computer Viruses. If you hear the word your mind will go to an evil “thing” that destroys the computer. Actually what is a computer virus? How is it spread? And what effect does it have on your computer? let’s discuss it thoroughly here.

Definition of computer virus

A computer virus is a small program created with the intention of being distributed to interfere with the processes that the computer does. it could even be a virus that damages the system on your computer.

How is it spread?

There are various ways of spreading computer viruses. The most common way is through equipment that has been in contact with a computer affected by a virus. For example: Flashdisk, external hard drive, etc.

There are also viruses that spread via email. Spread in this way will usually disguise the virus as an email attachment document.

There is another computer virus that spreads through chat. Usually people who want to spread the virus, will send a chat message in the form of a link.

Another way, computer viruses can also spread through websites with viruses. When you open the website, your computer will immediately be infected with a virus.

The impact on your computer

The impact of computer viruses varies. Some are light and some are heavy.

Minor impact, for example, your computer’s hard disk space will be reduced quickly. Though you never save or download anything. This is caused by a computer virus that keeps replicating itself so that hard disk space runs out quickly. In addition, viruses can also cause slow / slow computers.

Severe impact, for example, your computer can not enter the operating system. DOS only. This will be very annoying for a lay computer user.

There is also a very severe impact, namely your important data is deleted. What’s worse than that? All your hard work, your work, is damaged or even lost because of a virus.

Simple ways to deal with computer viruses

The simplest way to solve this is to have an antivirus, and update it regularly.

Computer viruses are growing. Antivirus programs are also evolving to keep up with the development of computer viruses. Therefore, it is important to update the antivirus program regularly.

maybe that’s all I can say. hopefully it can be useful for readers.

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