The growing world of photography in Indonesia from time to time makes the competition in this industry high, ranging from amateur to professional levels. But what sets them all apart? is the result of the work of the photo. One of them is Discreative, a company engaged in photography, specifically food photos, interior and exterior photography. One of Discreative’s expertise is as a food photographer in Indonesia. Discreative not only provides an artistic touch in every food photo shoot, but the food photo services it provides also takes into account the expectations and target market for the results of their food photos, because food photos are good for a company. Business is a food photo that can create imagination and create a desire to try and buy for everyone who sees it, said Mr. Desky as the owner of Discreative.

Mr. Desky: On the Discreative Official website, you can see how our team gives a taste for each food photo to turn it into a photo that is more valuable and appetizing.

Desky: “If you have a good work, but no one knows it will be in vain what you do”

Supported by a responsive, high-resolution, and of course SEO friendly, photography website display, Discreative is able to display their work to an international level.

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