The reasons why make a website with wordpress:
Many think that wordpress is just a blog website, but over time wordpress shows its greatness, until in the end many of them switch to using the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress. WordPress CMS is actually a website platform with a content management system that can be used for any need, depending on the user, web developer, whether to create a blog, website (or both). Why choose wordpress?

Why choose wordpress?
The ability of the WordPress CMS to carry out website functions is unquestionable, you can control whatever you want, without the need to know much about website coding. With a variety of wordpress plug-ins that can be easily customized and up to date, WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS not only because wordpress is free, so many people choose to create a wordpress CMS for online store websites, forums, magazines, news, personal blogs, photography, business, their company.

Here are the reasons why choose wordpress for your website:

  1. Who doesn’t love free?? right!! CMS wordpress is a free website platform tis tis…. with thousands or even millions of web developers in the world who have developed and used it.
  2. WordPress is easy to modify, so the use of wordpress can be used for all kinds of websites such as companies, businesses and businesses, online stores, forums, magazines, news and of course blogs.
  3. Dynamic, responsive, lightweight, innovative wordpress web design is one of the factors why wordpress is chosen by those who are engaged in web design services or website creation services.
  4. The convenience of WordPress during installation, setting, updating posts or pages on the wordpress platform is the main attraction, all website control controls are very easy to learn.
  5. The distribution of access control such as administrator, author, contributor, subscriber available on wordpress is also an advantage of wordpress cms.
  6. There are various kinds of plugins available according to your needs, but be a little careful when installing plugins, try not to conflict with the plugins or website themes used, not to burden the website, and also not to reduce the beauty of your web design.
  7. So this is very important to use!! This is the main reason why people choose wordpress for their websites, because currently “WORDPRESS IS BEST SEO FRIENDLY CMS” in my opinion, you know hehehe .. eits who don’t know about SEO, try checking the article “What is SEO”

Not only small companies or just bloggers who choose to use wordpress, here are large companies that choose wordpress as their website platform:

  1. Citilink Indonesia
  2. CNN
  3. Techcrunch
  4. New York Times
  5. KOHL’S Play it Forward

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