The increasing awareness of the public, both individuals and companies on the importance of a sense of security, has made the CCTV industry increasingly developed. With a CCTV system that uses the most advanced and modern technology, cameras can be accessed and monitored from anywhere without distance restrictions, using only internet or telephone lines (non-internet), and can be monitored by multiple users simultaneously. This CCTV monitoring tool can be monitored via cellphone, Blackberry, iPhone, (certain types), as well as a computer or laptop, from anywhere and anytime.

Why should you use CCTV online:

  1. You as a business person / individual can monitor offices, factories, homes, shops from anywhere and anytime.
  2. Assist in monitoring performance in factories / offices / shops.
  3. Supervise your home (babby sitter/maid etc.) while you are in the office.
  4. Able to improve staff performance.
  5. Prevent and reduce criminal acts that may occur.
  6. Preventing loss of goods and material loss.
  7. Can monitor the course of your business while on vacation with family.
  8. And many more things that you get by installing CCTV online, especially a sense of security.

CCTV Functions:

  • Recording: full 24 hours, scheduled, and motion detection (recording only when there is movement).
  • Remote view can be done directly through the IE browser (Internet Explorer) or it can also be done through CCTV software (unlimited usage).
  • “User friendly” is easy for anyone to use.
  • Automatically recording to the hard disk, the results of the recording per day per minute per hour you can see.
  • Snapshoot: Capture images either in real time or the results of the recording.
  • Recordings can be converted to .Exe so you can view them without using any media player.

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