CCTV camera installation services and CCTV camera maintenance services are trusted by various agencies and institutions, both government and private. For the installation of cctv in offices, buildings, factories, hospitals, malls, cctv design in terms of layout and position design is carried out before installing cctv, everything is adjusted to the needs of the location of the cctv camera installation, in order to avoid disappointing results to each client.

CV. Nufatech as an Indonesian IT consultant provides the best service in terms of cctv security systems in terms of using quality cctv products at low prices and guaranteed, free cctv installation consultation to choose the type of cctv camera that suits your needs and costs, reliable, expert and Experienced in installing CCTV for offices, buildings, factories, elevators, malls, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, shops or your home, your privacy, security and comfort.

We always prioritize the use of quality cctv devices, for electrical safety and also the level of neatness of the results of cctv installation work, because as a company engaged in cctv installation services, client satisfaction is our goal.

Why Nufatech CCTV Installation Services

  1. 2 years product warranty
  2. Experienced and professional CCTV installation services
  3. Trusted Nufatech, legal entity, own office.
  4. Selling cheap cctv cameras, but quality.
  5. Free survey fees for the Jakarta or Bekasi area.
  6. CCTV installation is carried out in detail for CCTV installation at home, shop, office, building, factory, mall, restaurant and others.
  7. To install CCTV in the building, the design of the installation position and the selection of cameras as needed are carried out to get maximum results.
  8. 3 K : Safety, Comfort and Neatness are our priority.
  9. Online cctv monitoring via ipad, blackberry, android can be done.

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