The following are the types of CCTV cameras:

  1. CCTV Camera Box
    This camera model is suitable for:

For remote observation and placed in a vertical plane.

For situations where low light is not too much of a consideration

If the camera is installed in still within reach of the hand, it is better to add a place for the camera protector.
Box CCTV cameras can be combined with additional tools that support infrared technology, with ( CCTV camera lenses used must also be sensitive to infrared rays) .

2 . CCTV Dome Camera

The CCTV lens is protected by a dome, so this CCTV is difficult to destroy.
Installation of the dome model is relatively easy.
people find it difficult to guess the direction of the camera because the position of the camera is covered by a dome.
Infra red / non infrared
Inability to observe distant locations.

  1. Infrared CCTV
    CCTV Infrared Camera

Infrared Camera is suitable for use in places where:

Relatively dark
out of reach
The distance that can be captured by this infrared CCTV camera really depends on the lighting capacity it has, namely the LED it uses.

  1. Wireless CCTV Camera

Known as Ip Cam, consists of various shapes and sizes. Some use batteries or not. Connected directly to the internet, so you can see in real time what you are watching. Can be accessed via cellphones (blackberry, android, iphone, smartphone, etc.) that support the CCTV livestream.

  1. Bullet CCTV Camera
    This CCTV camera is suitable for:

For short and medium range CCTV surveillance.
If you want to use CCTV that is not reachable by hand.
If its use is not too concerned with minimal lighting.
Use that is not too conspicuous but also not too hidden.
This CCTV has a limited type of camera lens, thus affecting the quality of the resulting image.

  1. Convert CCTV Camera
    Convert CCTV Camera

This CCTV camera is intended for covert use so that people are not aware of the CCTV.

There are various forms, ranging from such as wall clocks, water transmitters, to smoke detectors.
In some countries this type of CCTV violates the law.

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