Here are the CCTV Camera Components
The cctv camera device or component needed in CCTV installation requires several tools in its use.

  1. CCTV Camera
    There are various types of cctv cameras with models and options, first determine the use and installation points to be carried out.
  2. Monitor
    Monitor is used to display images from cctv cameras. The monitor used can be a television monitor or a computer as long as the monitor is supported in its application. Monitors are divided into two based on how they are used, namely Call-up – displaying several images at once and dedicated – displaying images from 1 camera point of view.
  3. Cable
  4. Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
    The DVR is used to store the video that has been captured by the CCTV System and it is also possible to convert analog data into digital data, so that this video can also be viewed from far away.

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