Business Opportunities in 2014 started from searching, analyzing, researching, estimating, implementing, evaluating, and revising existing businesses, all of which were not easy things to do, at least starting with looking for references or guidelines for future business opportunities. Looking for business opportunities in 2014 always begins with looking at previous years, studying historical trends from past business opportunities, can be a guide in determining what business you will make in the future. Also pay attention to the predictions of the national and global economy for 2014 such as government policies in terms of the economy, development and others. Success in creating your new business venture will determine how keenly and how quickly you see a good 2014 business opportunity and have good prospects in the future.

Like a waste paper business opportunity, you might think “How much is the profit from selling waste paper? “Take a look at what needs are needed for the process of making cardboard packaging from waste; the raw material for making recycled packaging paper is from waste paper

waste paper

newsprint, thick cardboard, onion peel, banana stem, or dry leaves; these ingredients are added and made into a slurry for binding. Waste that you can get easily, is of low value

you can sell at a high price. 1 sheet of recycled paper can cost Rp. 25.000, – with a capital of Rp. 1,500 – Rp. 2.000,- /Kg coupled with dyes and other raw materials, can produce 75 sheets of recycled cardboard paper. How interesting is the cardboard packaging business opportunity from this waste? with a capital that is not too large, it is suitable to be a home business opportunity.

Here are the 2014 Business Opportunities that might be your future business plan:

  1. Organic Food Business
    The increasing level of people’s awareness of the importance of health obtained from organic food that is not contaminated by chemical substances such as additives to accelerate and increase production yields, use of herbicides and pesticides. Organic plants will be more and more consumed, bought, and sought after.
  2. Handicraft Business
    The 2014 business opportunities for handicrafts as in previous years are still promising, especially with the increasing demand for the international market by using internet media for handicrafts to become Go-International, your market is not only a local market because the cultural, traditional and unique values ​​of Indonesian handicrafts are very popular. by foreign markets.
  3. Franchise Business
    In 2013 the franchise business won the hearts of business people, in addition to various types of business opportunities ranging from student prices to Muahal prices, this franchise concept business promises good profits with various conveniences that can be obtained because usually franchise businesses are supported by the franchisor who provides franchise. This franchise business opportunity is not only for food or beverages, there are services, technology, health, education and beauty products. It is believed that the 2014 business opportunity, franchise business still promises good growth.
  1. Online Business Effort
    It is undeniable that businesses will develop more using internet media, the easier it will be for everyone to find something they want, for example: when you search for goods or information on Google, using social media is an informative and effective medium to attract new buyers, especially if your website exists. on page 1 of google or even Top #1 rank of Google the greater the online business business opportunities that will be obtained. More and more online shops are popping up, both corporate and personal, but don’t be afraid to compete in the online business, one of the tricks is with Seo. Seo is Search Engine Optimization, which is how seo service providers optimize websites to appear on page 1 of Google according to customer searches, the use of seo itself is not only limited to that.
  2. Printing Business
    In 2014, the year of the General Election in Indonesia, there will certainly be many orders for banners, billboards, pamphlets, pins, stickers, brochures and others.. this is the year of printing business opportunities, parties and candidates for council members, and the President is certainly scrambling to introduce himself To the public, for those of you who are indeed engaged in printing, congratulations on gaining profits.
  3. Textbook Business
    The government through the Ministry of National Education in 2013 launched a new curriculum for designated schools. The program for implementing the new curriculum in 2014 will be further expanded to other schools. This is a business opportunity for those of you who want to start a textbook business, especially for Elementary – Middle – High School in 2014.

Hopefully the above article can provide a little more about the business opportunities in 2014.

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