What do you need from an app modernization partner?

Strategic app modernization means assessing and optimizing your application mix to overcome challenges and build toward future goals. But an almost endless number of variables can arise while modernizing your applications. Even if two different enterprises are modernizing similar apps using the same products and public and private cloud hyperscalers, various other factors will send […]

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SEO for SaaS: Real-Life Cases When We Helped Get More Traffic

In this modern digital era, the rapidly expanding Software as a Service industry makes it an incredible moment to build your SaaS identification. Statista has forecasted that SaaS is taking over the world. Its market size has achieved a growth of USD 157 billion in 2020, which is double the size of the SaaS market […]

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B2B SaaS (Soft As a Service): 11+12 Best B2B SaaS Companies in 2022

As SaaS (Software as a service) grows among all industries, companies rely on business-to-business SaaS (B2B SaaS)  a lot more as well, with over 80% of them using SaaS solutions. Smooth scalability of services and effective cost management are two main advantages of SaaS solutions that drive companies to shift to SaaS. As the market of […]

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Don’t rebuild your SWIFT connectivity on cloud

Banks and businesses worldwide have embarked on a modernization journey, trying to re-imagine their systems and get ready for the world of tomorrow. While each institution faces different challenges, all are seeking common goals: new and improved channel experiences, integrated new technologies, cost management and cost takeout, improved risk management and security, reduced down-time, and […]

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Four steps to app modernization success

App modernization can save costs and increase revenue, but you need a strategic approach. Success requires a deep understanding of your organization’s needs and a plan of action that won’t disrupt your business as you integrate new methods into your company culture. The recent IBM Consulting publication Strategic app modernization drives digital transformation spells out […]

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IBM invests in ecosystem partners’ skills and experience to foster faster growth

As I’ve shared this year, IBM is on a journey to double down on our commitment to the IBM Ecosystem. We’ve made significant investments in placing our ecosystem partners at the center of our company’s go-to-market strategy. We continue to work diligently to simplify the experience and be more essential to their businesses with improved […]

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Reflections on an impactful partnership with Celonis: Consultants share insights on value creation with process mining

Strong partnerships are key to helping clients improve operations and boost productivity across their enterprises. A year ago, IBM Consulting and Celonis joined forces to embed the execution management system capabilities of Celonis at the core of IBM Consulting’s finance transformation business. Since the inception of the partnership, IBM has delivered greater flexibility and choice […]

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10 Best SaaS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solutions

Many businesses have a lot of moving parts, especially companies that use SaaS solutions due to their cloud-based structure. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions can help to organize the whole workflow and eliminate some challenges companies face. We see that businesses understand it; according to an international survey, almost 64% of companies use SaaS ERP […]

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Things to Consider While Hiring the Best Offshore Developers

Every day, businesses handle a wide variety of operations, and when it comes to managing a hectic schedule, it can be quite challenging for firms to manage development initiatives. Similarly, a firm that rejects future initiatives will suffer in terms of revenue and reputation on the international market. That’s why businesses rely on offshore developers.  […]

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Understanding the current state of cloud transformation

To unlock transformational business performance, enterprises must be able to employ applications and data at scale across the enterprise IT landscape. Mastering hybrid cloud enables these capabilities with speed and security. The IBM Transformation Index: State of Cloud helps establish an advanced view into the state of cloud transformation year after year. This informs technology […]

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