Nufatech Technology

Introducing facts

Short Story

CV.Nufatech is a start up digital agency Company based in jakarta and bekasi, Indonesia, that has been 4 years experiences work as IT Consultant that providing web development, program development, digital marketing, and seo services.
As a starter digital agency with minimum budget, we’ve been facing hard time for managing our business and employees but thanks to all clients that trusting us for their projects, so we could served them more better until now.

Our Visions

Indonesia have large potential business and people, but still the knowledges of digital world still less.. even big company. The Concept of traditional and offline marketing still the main frontier for sales approching to them.

Our vision is simple, we want all people especially Indonesian known and using technologies for good thing and make their life easier.

Our Missions

As a business that runs in Technology, we try to always following and creating new development to serve our clients and partners better.

As an Indonesian people we try to build Indonesian business so they can compete in the global market.

We try creating job vacancies to decrease unemployment in Indonesia.

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